Beauty is Wellness. Wellness is Beauty.
As it is said, necessity is the mother of invention. Nothing is developed overnight and there is always a need or problem behind a certain innovation. Plagued with the dilemma of how to stay away from synthetic and chemical products flooded in the market, I thought of coming up with an effective remedy that would cater to skin care needs of people along with staying sincere to the organic part . We do not realize how many toxicities we come across and hence self-sabotage our efforts to stay naturally beautiful by falling a prey to these gimmicks and arts of advertising.

Hence, in my relentless efforts to find natural remedies for my skin I started experimenting with natural ingredients at home and when I felt I had made sufficient progress in this regard I started gifting it to my friends and relatives to help gain some feedback which ultimately became my driving force behind launching my home-based botanical skin care line. Since, I have the support of my loved ones I am confident enough that my products will be liked by all as they have personally felt the change too.